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Help Santa by collecting items for Christmas!
Help Santa collecting items for Christmas!

You can only collect items groups of the same kind when there are 3 or more of these items adjacent.

Little Elfs will help you collecting items if you click on them.

The Elf showing the left/right arrow will collect a full row of items.

The Elf showing the up/down arrow will collect a full column of items.

The Elf showing an interrogation mark will collect all items of a random kind.

If you can't collect any more items and there is still free space, new items will appear.

Try to get the maximum score before the time runs out, or there are no more items you can collect nor elves to help you.

You've 20 seconds to collect items or clicking and Elf. Once you do so, the time is reset.

You get 1 points for each item you collect, and a combo multiplier for each 3 items on the group collected.

When clicking on an Elf, you get 10 points no matter how many items are collected by him.